Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Online Bookclub Competition Winner - review of The Tiger's Wife

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Our hearty congratulations to Peter Sheehan who wrote the winning entry in our online bookclub competition. For this review of The Tiger's Wife by Téa Obreht he wins tickets for Téa's M2C event in September.

Natalia, a young doctor, in the war torn Balkan region, tells a story of her grandfather, also a doctor, who inspired her and passed on to her tales from his experience of life. Two distinct tales of magical realism are woven by Ms Obreht into the stark reality of war and death.
‘The Deathless Man’, being a man who is condemned never to die, is encountered by Natalia’s grandfather on a number of occasions and challenges the doctor’s pragmatic approach to life.
‘The Tigers Wife’, a deaf mute, is viewed with suspicion and dread by the superstitious villagers and has an affinity with only one person, in the form of the grandfather as a young boy.
Natalia’s attempts to aid children trapped in the war zone forms the core of the novel and offer the key elements of sorrow in this book to counterbalance the exotic fables of her grandfather.
Tea Obreht has produced a remarkable book that teases ones mind with the terror, imagery and superstition surrounding the Balkan region. While not a flawless work, The Tigers Wife is a wonderful read and a clear indication that this young writer promises greatness in the future.

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